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7 Insight Extraction Principles

What I Learned from 159 CX Text Analysis Projects

The Known Knowns and Unknown Knowns

8 Enterprise Insight Process Design Principles

Analyzing Feedback the Natural Way: Rule-Based Semantic Analysis

8 Customer Experience Text Analysis Mistakes

What is Customer Experience Text Analysis and Why You Just Might Need It

How to Create a Customer Feedback Taxonomy

Six Customer Feedback Taxonomy Requirements

Four Methods for Categorizing Customer Feedback

Do you need a tool for analyzing text?

Five and a Half eCommerce Loyalty Factors

12 Feedback Text Analysis Visualization Tips

How to Maximize Customer Revenue in eCommerce

Three Case Studies on Automatic Contact Center Ticket Classification

Etuma Makes Zendesk Smarter!

Six Applications That Benefit From Embedded Text Analytics

The Power of Embedded Analytics

Thirteen Customer Experience Database Design Principles

Introducing a new concept: Employee-Customer NPS

5 rules for creating a powerful customer feedback gathering system

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #22. Identify customers who have written many verbatims

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #21. Use positive sentiment to identify best practices

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #20. Use negative sentiment to detect problems

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #19. How to use the average sentiment to prioritize improvement efforts

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #18. Use two heatmaps to benchmark support or sales agent performance

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #17. Use topic, sentiment and background variable to drill-down to the root cause

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #16 Use a topic sentiment heatmap for extracting insigths

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #15 Use stacked charts to hide unintended volume volatility

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #14 Monitor hot topic level volume and sentiment

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #13 Use topic volume to define the relative importance of a topic

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #12 Define hot topics

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #11 Don’t focus on the aggregated analysis results

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #10 Create benchmarks

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #9 Use topics to create role-based reports

Nine Reasons for Text Analysis

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #8 Examine your feedback data from the customer perspective

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #7 Define the customer journey

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #6 Design a four-layer insight distribution system

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #5 Create a uniform categorization system

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #4 Choose an open-ended feedback categorization solution

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #3 12 customer experience database design principles

VERBATIM ANALYTICS Tip #2 Create a high-volume feedback gathering system

VERBATIM ANALYTICS: Tip #1 Identify the customer experience stakeholders and their information requirements

The Net Promoter System℠ “Inner Loop” – Making it work for you

How to monitor the customer journey

How well do NPS score and Sentiment correlate?

Do you know your loyalty drivers?

NPS and channel sales: are you hearing the unedited customer voice?

Advanced Text Analysis Visualization Using Tableau: from Basics to Heatmaps

How to make a Etuma topic wordcloud in Tableau

The 14 Most Common Mistakes in Implementing a Net Promoter Score System (a Three-Part Series), Part Three: Interpretation of Results and After-Survey Action

The 14 Most Common Mistakes in Implementing a Net Promoter Score System (a Three-Part Series), Part Two: Survey Design and Targets

The 14 Most Common Mistakes in Implementing a Net Promoter Score System (a Three-Part Series), Part One: Before You Start

How Customer Feedback Categorization Transforms Companies

Basics of open-text feedback analysis: why and how we tune topics

On Text Analytics: the Known Knowns and the Unknown Knowns

An untapped but invaluable resource for customer insights: your employees

Are You Still Classifying Your Contact Center Tickets Manually?

B2B and NPS: Are You Able to Improve Your Operations and Innovate Based on Customer Feedback?

Meaning is the most important motivational factor in employee experience

12-Point Checklist For Choosing a Customer Feedback Text Analysis Vendor

Are you implementing the second question of your Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys correctly?

551 Topics Is a Lot - Introduction to Topic Groups

Six Reasons Why Social Media Requires a Unique Text Analysis Approach

Introducing Etuma NPS Demo

How to turn Net Promoter Score verbatims into actionable information

NPS: (Should Be) More Than Just a Number

Three Simple and Cheap Methods for Making Sense of Social Media Comments

How to organize customer data for a more personalized online shopping experience

Can the right question be too tough to answer?

In case you missed it: Our most-read blog posts from 2015

How to visualize text analysis results

Market research is no longer the most efficient way to gauge market preferences

Four Main Challenges On Managing eCommerce Feedback

What we learned from analyzing 225,000 tweets to customer support handles of UK banks

Are we getting the most out of the information stored in our data warehouses?

The right question

Avoid Survey Fatigue During the Customer Experience Boom

Seven Steps to Actionable Insights

Shopify: Ecommerce for everyone

Introducing Delighted: Making NPS Simple

What Drives Your Most Valuable Customers' Loyalty?

How to Fulfill Financial Industry Complaint and Claim Handling Regulations

Have you met Zendesk? Simple yet robust customer service in the cloud

CASE STUDY: How eCommerce Logistics Manager Turns Feedback into Actions

Online Shopper's 10 Touchpoints

How to Drill into the Mind of an eCommerce Customer

I Installed An Ad-Blocker

The 5 D’s of Market Segmentation

How to Choose the Right Social Media Service for the Right Purpose

How to Use Graphics Known as Geo, Demo and Psycho in Your Market Segmentation

How Real-time Contextual Ticket Flow Analysis Improves E-commerce Customer Service

6 Applications That Benefit from Feedback Analysis 

Webinar Video: 12 Enterprise Insight Process Implementation Steps

Next Big Trend in Marketing: Values-based Segmentation

Pushing a Button Doesn’t Tell You Why!

Bad Customer Behavior Should Be Tolerated as Little as Bad Service Experience!

Six Reasons Customer Loyalty Is So Important (and Profitable)

How to Turn Your Customers' Open-Text Comments Into Actions

The CX Professional’s Guide to Implementing an Enterprise Insight Process

Annual Employee Pulse Needs To Go Real-time

On Feedback Analysis Benefits: Five Cases

What Will Replace The Annual Performance Reviews?

The ROI of CX

You Can't Learn Anything New From Structured Surveys

Semantic Data Cleansing Increases The Value Of Social Media Analysis

Structured Surveys Are Dead - Long Live Open-Text Surveys!

How To Visualize Text Analysis Results Using Tableau

Multi-Language Feedback Analysis Requirements

CASE STUDY: How to reduce airline customer support center costs by 10%

Instagramming Customer Feedback

Sentiment Analysis Works!

Why And When To Use Customer Effort Score (CES)

Why Rule-Based Natural Language Processing Work So Well in Customer Experience Text Analysis

How to Choose a Chat Log Analysis Service?

Seven reasons why you should analyze the support and sales chat logs

Customer feedback text analysis: what works and what doesn't

Requirements For A Comprehensive Feedback Analysis Service

How uses Etuma Feedback Categorizer to increase sales

Your NPS Promoters are complaining. But about what?

Who should map the customer journey?

Feedback Text Analysis For Everybody!

How To Increase The Volume Of Customer Feedback

How Apple Is Using NPS To Test Apple Watch In-Store Try-On Process

3 Requirements for A Multi-language Feedback Analysis Service

How Online Gaming Companies Benefit from Feedback Categorization

How To Implement A Service Recovery Program

Net Promoter System: How to Extract the Root Cause for NPS Score Change