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How Customer Feedback Categorization Transforms Companies

[fa icon="calendar'] May 18, 2016 3:10:41 PM / by Matti Airas posted in Feedback Analysis, customer experience benefits, text analysis, customer loyalty, customer experience analytics

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Etuma's text categorization service turns all your open-ended
customer feedback into consistent and actionable information."

This is what it says at the top of our homepage. Nice marketing slogan, sounds pretty cool–but it’s also somewhat abstract and, let’s be honest, a bit vague. What does it really mean?

We wanted to move past vague marketing slogans, so I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time talking to our customers. I’ve been trying to understand how they use Etuma in practice and what they perceive as the concrete benefits they get out of it.

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On Text Analytics: the Known Knowns and the Unknown Knowns

[fa icon="calendar'] May 5, 2016 11:47:57 AM / by Matti Airas posted in Customer Experience Management, feedback analysis benefits, cx analytics, customer experience, Customer Feedback Analysis, customer experience analytics, text analytics

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I met with a UK customer experience consultant a couple of weeks ago who told me that he actually finds it to be quite easy to sell a CEM solution to a customer once he has identified their pain points. Similarly, the main challenge in selling open-text feedback analysis as an integral piece of a CEM solution is that customers are not yet aware of the pain points and opportunities it will reveal.

It’s a classic Catch-22: customers aren’t motivated to buy text analysis, because they aren’t aware of the many real or perceived problems (i.e., pain points) hidden in their open-text feedback or the scope of these problems; but they won’t find out about these pain points until they start using text analysis.

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Avoid Survey Fatigue During the Customer Experience Boom

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 29, 2015 10:03:30 AM / by Matti Airas posted in Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, facebook analysis, survey fatigue, non-response bias, customer experience analytics

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Customer experience is hot, and companies are focusing more and more effort on voraciously soliciting and trying to analyze customer feedback. With survey requests coming at them from every direction, customers can become tired of ticking boxes and writing comments.

The danger for your company with this survey fatigue problem is two-fold: first, you simply risk missing out on a lot of good feedback; and second, you risk the overall results of your surveys being skewed by non-response bias.

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Seven Steps to Actionable Insights

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 20, 2015 9:48:58 AM / by Matti Airas posted in Feedback Analysis, Customer Experience Management, text analysis, customer experience analytics

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While market research in the form of sample-based solicited structured surveys is still a crucial tool for product testing, making market-entry decisions, and in overall strategy formulation, there is strong trend towards more spontaneous, real-time feedback. This type of feedback is often unstructured and comes via multiple channels, bringing with it its own set of challenges.

This post will present a high-level outline of the most important steps to gaining actionable insight from real-time, multi-channel feedback sources.

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