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How to Maximize Customer Revenue in eCommerce

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 23, 2017 9:55:02 AM / by Matti Airas posted in Customer Journey, eCommerce

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When many web stores sell the same or comparable products within the same geographical area the only thing that sets you apart from competition is the shopping experience. The shopping experience becomes even more important when you don’t sell your own products. And when it comes to an excellent eCommerce experience, there is a benchmark: Amazon has set the bar. Do you know how you compare to the one-click wonder?


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Market research is no longer the most efficient way to gauge market preferences

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 26, 2015 10:22:13 AM / by Matti Airas posted in NPS, CES, eCommerce, webstores, online shopping

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In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, market research is no longer the most efficient or effective way to gauge market preferences. The process is too slow, and too few people respond to market research surveys. A more useful way of finding out what your customers want is to engage them in an ongoing dialogue.

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Four Main Challenges On Managing eCommerce Feedback

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 19, 2015 10:25:23 AM / by Matti Airas posted in Feedback Analysis, text analysis, Social media, eCommerce, cx analytics

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Ecommerce is flourishing, and industry experts predict that the number of web shops will continue growing at a fast pace in the coming years. The number of ecommerce sites earning meaningful revenue last year is estimated to be somewhere between 100,000 and 650,000.

Today’s consumers are quite comfortable with sharing their credit card and other information electronically, and retailers are coming up with increasingly attractive offers on shipping and returns. The result is that more and more purchases are being carried out online.

The online nature of ecommerce creates more opportunities for feedback than ever before. Ecommerce customers are more likely to share feedback with you and about you because they are already active online.

We have ecommerce customers who get feedback in the range of tens of thousands of comments per month and even some who get over a hundred thousand comments per month.

All this online feedback brings a whole new set of challenges for customer experience managers who are trying to get a handle on shopper insights and customer support personnel who are trying to provide worthwhile support to their customers.

Let’s take a look at four of the main challenges associated with ecommerce feedback.

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CASE STUDY: How eCommerce Logistics Manager Turns Feedback into Actions

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 30, 2015 3:46:00 PM / by Matti Airas posted in eCommerce, ecommerce customer experience

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In my previous blog posts I wrote about how open-text feedback should be organized and what are the eCommerce touchpoints. It might make sense to read them first.

Once the open-text feedback is analyzed, it is possible to use the structured information to quickly drill down to the relevant feedback comments and detect trends and issues.

Here is how the open-text comment is tagged and how you can drill down deeper from general touchpoints to the actual feedback comments.

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