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B2B and NPS: Are You Able to Improve Your Operations and Innovate Based on Customer Feedback?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 31, 2016 10:27:32 AM / by Matti Airas posted in Net Promoter Score, Voice of Customer, net promoter process, customer loyalty, NPS, Customer Surveys, cx analytics, customer experience, B2B

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When we talk about the Net Promoter System (read NPS primer here), we usually talk about B2C companies gathering feedback from the thousands or millions of consumers who are buying their mostly standard (i.e. the same for all customers) products or services. These products and services are not typically tailored to individual shoppers, and the way of working (the shopping, purchase, and delivery experience) is largely the same for all customers or, at the very least, all customers within a specific geographic region.


But what about B2B?

B2B relationships typically involve an account team on the supplier’s side dealing directly with a dedicated person or team on the customer’s side. These relationships tend to be more intimate, involve more interaction between the vendor and a customer over a longer period of time, and the way of working is often unique (at least to some extent) to each account team, maybe even to each customer. In many cases, there is a sense of teamwork–supplier and customer working together to ensure the customer’s success–that is not present in B2C relationships.


Net Promoter System suits B2B well when the number of customers is large or when the product and service interaction is complex

NPS can be particularly well-suited to gathering customer feedback from and taking the pulse of your B2B customers in these types of relationships. Let's look at some of the reasons for this and a few of the ways of using NPS in B2B.


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