Never leave the platform you are familiar with!

Embedding Etuma feedback categorization service into your Customer Experience Management, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Center or Business Intelligence platform gives you access to high-quality text analysis results without the need to leave applications you are familiar with.

Is your current text-analysis solution solving the problem?

  • Can you continuously monitor the customer journey?
  • Do you know, for example, what drives your NPS score?
  • Are your contact center tickets tagged automatically and consistently?
  • Are you able to prioritize customer experience improvement actions?

Most CEM, CRM, BI and Contact Center platforms provide a text-analysis feature, which is typically based on keyword analysis. This type of feedback analysis doesn't provide statistically relevant information. There are just too many keywords, and the results aren't usable for decision making. You cannot use them to continuously monitor the customer journey,  track hot topics, detect weak signals or benchmark your operational units, and compare multi-language feedback.

Want to find out more about what type of feedback analysis technologies work and don't work and why? Read this blog post.


Etuma has Embedded Analytics connectors to world-class CEM and Contact Center solutions

Etuma has embedded analytics connectors to the following applications: Qualtrics, Zendesk, Salesforce and Questback.



Do you know what your customers are talking about and how they feel about your products, services, people, processes and brands?

If not, and you are using one of the platforms above, maybe it is time to solve that problem!



Matti Airas

Co-founder and VP Marketing

Embedded analytics gives you an easy access to rule-based NLP and AI feedback analysis service that consistently and automatically categorizes customer feedback in multiple languages and many industries. 

The benefits of embedded analytics are obvious. You have access to text analysis results within the the platform you are familiar with. You don't need to login to an unfamiliar dashboard and learn, once again, new user interface conventions.