What makes Etuma360 the best customer feedback analysis service in the world?

Etuma Features - Fast


Just plug in your data source or upload a file and immediately reap the benefits of actionable insights. There is no time-consuming, expensive configuration project. Concrete results are visible within hours of contacting Etuma.
Etuma Features - Feasible


If you have been manually categorizing feedback up to now, Etuma customer feedback analysis can offer you a positive ROI within just a few days. Not to mention the value of having better information for use in decision making.
Etuma Features - Multi-language


Etuma can analyze feedback in your source language(s), because it has an understanding of the syntax and structure of the language(s). No matter the source language(s), customer feedback analysis results can be displayed in any of the ten supported languages.

Etuma grows as your needs grow

More users?

Our advanced visualization, verbatim alarms via sms or email, and smartphone dashboard make Etuma the ideal solution for a large, multi-user organization.

More feedback?

No problem! The Etuma360 customer feedback analysis service runs in the cloud on Amazon Web Services and can scale to massive feedback volumes.

More channels?

Social media, NPS process, research projects, event-based surveys, chat log analysis ... Etuma360 can handle it all.

More advanced features?

We've got those, too! For starters, try our social media crawling and filtering and our 3rd-party connectors to Tableau, SPSS, and QlikView.

Our customers see clear benefits

… we managed to achieve 10% savings in customer service operations …



Finnair - Finland's national airline


… Etuma has allowed us to have a centralized view of our customer pain points. This allows us to prioritize work efforts around addressing key issues …

Art.com - the world's leading online destination for experiencing and buying high-quality wall art


… we now know what our large base of customers is talking about …


Kesko - Leader in retail in the Nordics and Baltics

Kesko logo

… by using Etuma we finally get Social Media feedback insights we can take action on …



DNA - Triple-play Telecom operator

DNA logo

… Etuma helps us to reduce the use of 'gut feeling', giving us more focus on the real analysis results …


Veikkaus - Finnish State Lottery


State-of-the-art customer feedback analysis

How does Etuma Customer Feedback Analysis work?

Etuma's enterprise-class customer feedback analysis service analyzes aggregated data sources for feedback topics and topic-level sentiments. We enable easy sharing of insights throughout the organization, through our own browser-based dashboard, or by using connectors to existing management dashboard solutions.
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