Customer Insight Portal

Making sense of customer emotions

Superior Customer Understanding

Our world-class text-analysis technology parses the Big Data generated by your customers’ open-text comments, guaranteeing a superior understanding of your customers’ emotions.

Customer's give feedback through many channels.

You know they talk - we can tell you what they're saying

You may have issues that your current ERP and CRM systems won’t be able to identify in time. Etuma’s unique approach to customer feedback analysis–utilizing rule-based Natural Language Processing (NLP)–enables you to quickly detect emerging problems in order to avoid losing customers.

Making sense of emotions

Customer emotions have often been seen as “soft” data, primarily because analyzing them has always been laborious and dependent on slow, manual work. Our text-analysis engine–combined with powerful visualization tools like the NPS Dashboard–interprets and collates customer sentiment, yielding easily actionable information and allowing you to utilize customer affect with unprecedented speed.

What's in it for me?

Etuma Customer Insight Portal
is a multi-language, real-time,
easy-to-implement cloud service.

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At Etuma, we think making sense of customer emotions should be simple and effortless.

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