Making Sense of Customer Emotions

We turn over 3 million customer comments into actionable insight every month

Understand your customers like never before

Etuma turns open text


structured intelligence

How  do we tackle the customer feedback analysis requirements and challenges?

No delay reporting
Relevant decision making information
Language is ambiguous
Real-time service: Analysis results are available in few seconds after the feedback is submitted.
Etuma creates and maintains a customized TOPIC structure.
Etuma has a team of computational linguistics experts continuously improving the analysis.

You can connect all your feedback channels into our open-text analysis service

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Customer emotions have often
been seen as “soft” data,
primarily because analyzing
them has always been
laborious and dependent on
slow, manual work.

Our multi-language rule-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology automatically and accurately detects the emotions.

Our analysis cloud services are easy to implement and effortless to maintain

Service Packaging and Pricing

Surveytagger Pro Enterprise
No set-up fee, no contract
€7,000 set-up, 6 mo contract
€14,000 set-up, 12 mo contract

"Text categorization tool for market research or human resourcing"

"Open text analysis and insight distribution service for a single function or process"

"Enterprise wide multi-channel customer insight portal"
Single user service with self service upload (EXCEL or CSV)
Up to two real-time interfaces within the same process (NPS, Contract Center etc.)
Multiple real-time interfaces
Comments (concurrent)
Comments (annual)
Comments (annual)

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At Etuma, we think that making sense of customer
emotions should be simple and effortless

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